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Extend industry of hardware of international market Sichuan to be able to go far
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Join meeting number nearly 20 thousand, clinch a deal the forehead exceeds 26 million dollar. 27 days, by a definite date the 4th China of 3 days (Hu Zhiming city) commodity is exhibited drew satisfactory full stop with a group of satisfactory numbers eventually. However, facing what had sold one sky to exhibit a stage, a lot of attending postpone the Chengdu business of the meeting when accepting a reporter to interview however more " reason " the ground expresses, and already in one's hand photograph of true gold silver is compared, bigger gains is can be opposite through be being exhibited this Vietnam market and even east the knowledge that alliance market had more intuitionistic, profundity, "The coastal labor when Japan, Korea and home is concentrated model enterprise in succession market of Vietnam of race to control when, the Sichuan company that has geographical culture advantage and product are mixed completely likely actual strength and these competitor compare relative superiority or inferiority, share this huge market " .
Good luck: The active production with low-level consumption

"Somebody has the market, have consumptive power, be in especially Vietnam is having reforming and opening actively so, the country with unusually active market, " the limited company of tool of diamond of Chengdu Hui Feng that steps sufficient Vietnam market first carries out Xie Hui of inspector general of trustee, administration to say excitedly, produce the business of diamond tool as a major, company product basically uses Yudalishi, granitic cut, burnish and drill, and what come from a few days is on-the-spot make an on-the-spot investigation, his discovery and the market phase such as traditional Euramerican, day Han are compared, as a burgeoning area, the foundation of Vietnam builds more, the opportunity that Chinese product enters is greater. The side chooses in the product, the company of Vietnam pays attention to the working life of the product and price more, be not cut efficiency and craft to wait however, hardware machinery product still is maintained generally in our country 20 centuries 90 time are congener the level of the product, "So, according to their this one characteristic, we plan to be sold here above all a few in cheap product, at present company of more than 10 Vietnam contacts a hope actively to be able to undertake cooperative with us, contend for this locality representative when the product. Contend for this locality representative when the product..

The autocycle that full main street of Hu Zhiming city is running, all without exception of beer of the barbecue inn with the inn guesthouse of row upon row of and visible everywhere, night is explaining Vietnam is a place that was full of an opportunity.

Challenge: The construction that international competition VS just started

With numerous the first time the enterprise delegate of visit district Vietnam is compared, had done business of 20 old foreign trade with prosperous (Chengdu) Bai Biao of vise general manager of chemical limited company is familiar with Vietnam naturally very, "Pretty good, the time that Vietnam reforms is shorter than China, policy of a lot of relevant form a complete set still also are done not have perfect, but such local opportunity is the more greater, the company that you see two years this have Korea of so much Japan grew to know to here " , he is with textile exemple to the reporter the analysis rises among them " way to do sth " come, "Current, chinese textile executes quota to control government, add the trade friction that appears again and again, domestic competition environment is exasperate, and Vietnam does not have similar problem, also did not export the limitation that go up, so, a lot of coastal enterprises had been moved here, " and as production catharsis, bleach the company that acquires product raw material, the company is passed this second exhibit the meeting is successful with Bao Jie the company is mixed combined benefit China to establish connection in the branch of Vietnam, signed offer goods agreement for a long time, year the amount that offer money amounts to 5.6 million dollar, meanwhile, a special manufacturing base also has been knocked calm, will be in in January at next year Guangxi is formal put into production, again and again of great achievements of it may be said.
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