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Chinese food and package machine industry are in future increases stability insi
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As high speed of Chinese goods economy quality of development and people life rises, predicting consumer reachs the demand of the convenient food such as refrigerant food to will increase ceaselessly to microwave food, recreational food. Concerned trend will drive the demand that relevant provision packs directly, the one end length henceforth will maintain predicting China food and package machine course of study to growing inside time.

Predict to came 5 years of 2010 2006 inside, china packs total production value of industry to be expected to achieve 450 billion yuan of RMBs, maintain year all the growth of 7% . Arrive from 2011 2015, total production value is expected to break through 600 billion yuan, annual and average add fast maintain the level in 6 % about. With product classification, output of the Chinese paper products that pack can amount to 36 million tons to 2015, the plastic products that pack 9.46 million tons, the metal packages product 4.91 million tons, glass packages product 15.5 million tons, package machine is covered 1.2 million times.

In the meantime, the Chinese industry that pack will be passed the high-grade Yuan Fucai that pack expects in the entrance and high-grade and mechanical equipment, have industrial structural adjustment, use up with dropping a product further, optimize structure, improvement breed, improve product quality. Additional, reduce resource to use up reach the important way that reduces pollution to also will become China to pack course of study to develop.

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