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Air conditioning compressor edits the standard is about to carry out
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On December 1, 2006, all previous classics 5 years long the GB/T15765 that make " room air conditioner uses whole sealing motor - compressor " (the 4th edition) (the following abbreviation edits standard) will carry out formally. As air conditioning implement the most crucial part, the stand or fall of compressor, to air conditioning implement function is having crucial effect, accordingly, the it is more principal to carry out pair of compressor industries and even air conditioning industry to have port of new standard of air conditioning compressor.

New range, much category

Air conditioning implement GB/T15765-1995 of compressor state level " room air conditioner uses whole sealing motor -- compressor " the version that made 1995 is before this, use already exceeded 10 years, as the development of the innovation of the product and technology, this standard had shown apparent lag, cannot satisfy the need that level compressor product is produced and admits now far. So, the standard edits become inevitable.

Compare with photograph of old compressor standard, edit the standard had bigger alter. Academy engineer Song Yujiang introduces the Chinese home appliance that makes according to participating in compressor standard, edit the amplification that the change with the clearest standard is refrigeration limits and involve line of the products to increase. "Rise as what flowing water of person the people's livelihood makes the same score, the living environment of people also is being improved ceaselessly, the refrigerating capacity of the 9000W in original standard cannot have satisfied the requirement of the people with those living room older areas, because this consults GB/T7725-2004 " room air conditioner " standard, the limits of nominal refrigerating capacity of this standard expands to 18000W by original 9000W. The limits of nominal refrigerating capacity of this standard expands to 18000W by original 9000W..

The personage inside course of study says, standard of air conditioning compressor is early begin to edit from 2001, it is GB/T7725-2004 of form a complete set " room air conditioner " a castigatory. As a result of GB/T7725-2004 " room air conditioner " refrigeration limits expands, the limits of standard of air conditioning compressor also expands subsequently. In addition, edit the standard increased compressor to apply to air conditioning implement environmental temperature of the job, cite directly GB/T7725-2004 " room air conditioner " the working ambient conditions of medium T1/T2/T3 climate type.

The addition of refrigeration limits, cause edit the line of the products that the standard involves also increases. In the refrigeration area under 18000W, include rotor type compressor, piston compressor and vortex type compressor.

Those who deserve attention is, this compressor standard still raised level of product of vortex type compressor, the range of makes technically standard of product of vortex type compressor before this mixes a few years has a few coincide. To this, the member that course of study mies wife thinks, range of two standards product has coincide, brought a trouble to the enterprise really, at present most enterprise uses a kind of among them level only. "Generally speaking, should accord with only among them a standard is OK, because these two standards are to recommend sexual level, mandatory standard of and rather than. But on the whole not reasonable, selective examination to the product the job also brought a trouble. Selective examination to the product the job also brought a trouble..
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