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Fictitious instrument passes the unifinication that has own intellectual propert
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The reporter learns from Chongqing city Information Industry bureau, check central the Qin Dynasty to cultivate person professor to assume by Chongqing university " the research of technology of fictitious instrument key and its industrialization " 16 days of tasks that through the country 863 projects office organizes are checked and accept. The expert says, the own innovation way that this achievement demonstrates to our country walks out of to differ completely with Euramerican technology circuitry in respect of fictitious type instrument, become international to go up embedded unifinication is fictitious the forerunner of instrument research and development.
Develop as IT, appeared by measure technology of instrument technology, computer hard software and bus line technology the fictitious instrument of collective be pregnant with. Its highlight a characteristic is break traditional instrument close quality, turn the majority hardware of the instrument into the document on the computer. The user is OK the design of proper motion definition, proper motion, instrument that establishs oneself to need by oneself, in can depositing a variety of established instruments the instrument library in the computer, deserve to get stuck with data news report with sensor, compose is mixed into function, function, exterior and mode of operation the instrument system with traditional same instrument. Fictitious instrument serves as the burgeoning branch in IT, already became the technical heat of research and development of world developed country at present. Company of American state apparatus (NI company) rolled out fictitious instrument 1985 hind, a few otherer well-known company also rolls out a variety of fictitious instrument products and development platform in succession. These products already occupied whole world report to measure now, electronic-controlled the 10 % of the instrument. Predict 2010, fictitious instrument will occupy the 50 % of whole apparatus product.
Person of tree of the Qin Dynasty teachs those who direct research and development " unifinication is fictitious instrument " it is a kind of new technology that is different from Euramerican and fictitious instrument, it is integrated fictitious instrument and hardware are changed, the characteristic that intelligence influences an apparatus, will fictitious instrument and traditional hardware spend instrument photograph couple, form embedded unifinication instrument system. Unifinication is fictitious the platform propping up of the instrument by general computer instead embedded CPU system, basic hardware platform includes LCD, data to collect implement, tailor-made clavier and knob. As a result of compositive gather equipment, recuperation equipment and interactive device, simplified the power source system of the computer and its peripheral, trival sex that gathers equipment and recuperation facility, be helpful for checking the spot and factory workshop to use. Compare with photograph of system of general and fictitious instrument, fictitious instrument can realize unifinication systematic whole is corrective, achieve very reliable high accuracy, have stronger prevent electromagnetism to disturb ability.
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