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Company flow is transformed carry out with PDM
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[summary] the case that the article carries system of PDM of passenger car of Xiamen gold dragon to carry out, the technological process that discussed advanced contemporary IT how to support traditional business is transformed, build nimble design system, implementation is muti_function the group works in coordination change design administration platform without paper.
[key word] flow of production company of Guan Limin triumph transforms product data to be changed without paper design in coordination

One. Enterprise informatization and flow are transformed

10 years ago, xiamen gold dragon combines a car or one just turned by cement pipe mill the minicar that make assembles a factory, 5 years ago, it is not had silently still in car industry ask, today, golden dragon passenger car has been the 4 production base that has Fujian, Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and center of research and development, year sale breaks through 1.7 billion yuan, domestic car industry is ranked the 2nd, successive year of increase rate of 50 % above and production value of average per capita rank 1, make it is known as car industry " a dark horse " .
The taking of spectacular success, the golden dragon pattern that profit from creates adroitly. Face the competitor of course of study of person of the same trade, golden Long Zaigu decides the respect such as condition of asset, production, circulating fund to be in inferior position apparently, but 5 years ago, when domestic car company just was in system transition, jin Long has begun to establish the manufacturing pattern that faces the market. The leader layer of the enterprise realizes the fast construction of the ceaseless prosperity as national economy and freeway clearly, travel, passenger transport, public transportation market will unusually hot, mutiple level client group, the buyer's market that personalized demand forms a passenger car. Jin Long is the car company that home realizes the earliest to be produced completely according to order for goods, "Client drive " the guiding ideology that the production that becomes a company manages, jinlong establishs concise, fast production system and administrative mechanism, production of profit of JIT, seed, supply the modern government idea such as chain management to get in each link of business management very good reflect. Jin Long always holds to low cost dilate, act on " nearby of form a complete set, market nearby " ' principle, develop in the auto industry such as Jiangsu, Hubei early or late area, build manufacturing base and development center, make full use of resource of manufacturing resource of place, form a complete set and manpower resource advantage, make the design of the company and productivity all-time expand, the enterprise does not have the heavy fixed assets burden on the back however, produce cost reduce, make the enterprise offers more competitive price to serve at the user.
"Breed is all ready, sexual price is compared tall, change fast " product strategy makes Jin Long company ascends quickly the banner cavalcade of manufacturing industry of body home car, but expand as scale of production quickly, the design that crosses region especially produces carry to do, and the product diversification cost that satisfies the rapid growth that customer demand brings ceaselessly, give the management of the enterprise and cost control, the centralized adjusting control of iformation flow, content shedding, capital shedding and optimize configuration, posed unprecedented challenge. How can continue to maintain rapid growth, make the business flow of the enterprise can catch up with development demand, become clipping strategy issue.
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