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Take technology of cutting tool application seriously to raise cutting to machin
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From 20 centuries 80 time begin, the development of alive group manufacturing industry reachs what production technology progresses to be driven, the development new level that cutting technology and cutting tool entered craft of high speed, efficient, innovation gradually, the efficiency twice that cutting machines rises, the development that is manufacturing industry made important contribution. Innovation, efficient cutting craft and cutting tool already became equipment of the car in manufacturing industry, aerospace, mould, power station to make the fundamental craft that waits for manufacturing industry of main industry department and equipment and crucial technology. The new cutting technology such as high speed cutting, dry cutting, hard cutting is changing the tradition of a few industries to machine craft, show powerful vitality. Up to now, use the cutting craft of innovation and advanced cutting tool, improve treatment efficiency and treatment quality, reduce production cost, increase the competitive actual strength of the enterprise thereby, already became the consensus of company of machining of industrial developed country, also caused the attention of company of our country machining. Accordingly, from seize take as the point of departure of technology of cutting tool application, raise the applied level of enterprise cutting cutting tool, important real sense is had in our country.

Review the course that the production powerful nation such as beautiful, heart, day develops, they do not have the powerful nation that one exception is cutting technology and cutting tool, although be in what these countries entered informatization period today, they remain the leading sheep of cutting technology and cutting tool.

Today, the production that our country already made the world is big country, building the target of production powerful nation to stride forward. However, the cutting of our country machines photograph of technology of advanced cutting of level and world to compare, still have bigger difference. Cause the cause with cutting backward technology, besides the difference on the technology, still have long-term since the formation backward idea that ignores cutting technology and cutting tool. The enterprise controls the cutting tool cost in production cost very lowly normally, regard the cutting tool that cutting tool purchases personnel to be able to buy petty gain as its outstanding achievement, the essence of these practices is the production cost that sacrificed to machine efficiency to reduce a hardware. However, the economic analysis that cutting machines points out: Because cutting tool cost makes the proportion that in making cost, holds in the spare parts,be 3% ~ only 5% , if cutting tool buy the price to reduce 30% , the enterprise also can save the spare parts of 1% to make cost only; But if purchase the cutting tool with superior performance, improve cutting ability thereby, improve treatment efficiency (raise 20%) suppose, can save the spare parts of 15% to make cost so. Up to now, the example place that this theory has been machined by a lot of cutting confirms. Accordingly, renewing an idea is to apply advanced cutting tool to raise cutting to machine the premise of efficiency, the idea is only new, ability makes resemble contemporary cutting technology invest so little, get effective the ground that use force finds in the enterprise that natural resources of fast high grade technology is in our country. Of technical difference and idea backward not only block up is worn the development of our country manufacturing industry, influence construction produces power the implementation of this grand target, and the strength of the technical progress that restricting a company and competitive actual strength. Accordingly, no matter be to achieve the grand goal that builds production power, still be for the development of enterprise oneself, must renew an idea, accelerate the cutting technology with development and advanced application and cutting tool. To the enterprise, raise the use technology of cutting tool and level, can improve the efficiency that current cutting processes the business not only, and will be developed further henceforth for the enterprise and use cutting new technology to lay next foundations, be on the way that develops continuously.
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