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Grand amounts to a company Zhang Hong civilian talks about dactylogram to lock u
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Friends of each each leader, industry of guest, each lock: Everybody is good!

Above all, organization of chamber of commerce of Electromechanical of hardware of business association of special acknowledgment whole nation holds this seminar, provide the platform of a farther understand one another, mutual communication and collaboration for all of us. In the meantime, also should thank each manufacturer delegate to be in arrive at our grand to amount to a company in the midst of pressing affairs, attend this seminar. The hope passes today's seminar, everybody can identify technology and dactylogram product to have a more clear understanding to current dactylogram.

Above all, I introduce biology identifying technology to everybody. Dactylogram identifying technology is a kind of biology identifying technology; Well-known biology identifies a technology is a kind of solution that the body feature that relies on human body will come to undertake identity test and verify. The biology feature of human body includes face of dactylogram, person, sound, iris, corneal, palmmprint, framework, vein to wait, behavior characteristic has sign, pose of strength of sound, key-press, motion, include medical jurisprudence at the same time. the blood, DNA feature that belongs to the body. The core that so called biology identifies depends on how getting these biology features, and will information of word of changeover amount to, memory in memory, microprocessor is used match algorithm reliably to complete test and verify and the process that identify individual identity.

Because human body feature has the uniqueness that some of solid of human body place cannot duplicate, close key of this lifetime content cannot duplicate, have things stolen or be forgotten. And code of card of common countersign, IC, stripe, magnetic card or key are existing missing, forget, duplicate reach be embezzled a lot of and adverse element. Because this uses " of biology " key, you need not carry strings big key surely, give a lot of care goes writing down or also need not change password. And systematic manager need not be at a loss what to do because of forgetting a password more.

The mankind is in pursue documentation, trade the effectiveness of the safe protection that reachs article and the development that convenient sex experienced 3 level. The first phase namely the most initiative method, it is all sorts of mechanical keys that use everybody to be familiar with already. The 2nd phase is to the number by mechanical key development close key is like a password, card of form code, IC, IB card, radio frequency card, remote control. The 3rd phase is to use the biology characteristic with human body inherent place to differentiate with identity of test and verify. Biology identifying is the superlative degree in digitlizing the life now system of other security close key.

Dactylogram biology identifies a technology

At the beginning of 19 centuries, scientific research discovered up to now still approbatory two main features: The style of the dactylogram grain backbone that is two different finger (RidgePattern) different, the style that another is dactylogram grain backbone is changeless all one's life. This research achievement makes dactylogram is differentiated in punishment detect crime in be able to apply formally. 20 centuries end, because the computer handles a figure effectively, people begins to begin to study the computer will handle dactylogram, the research that automatic dactylogram identifies systematic AFIS to carry out a respect in law and application spread out from this come.
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