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Nonferrous metal is off-season value of not weak future or innovate again tall
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Output of domestic main nonferrous metal grew considerably in July. The personage inside course of study thinks, metallic crop is in consumption is off-season still accelerate growth, mix with economic environment next processional estate development are concerned, hopeful of tomorrow of partial product value innovates again tall. After whole of field of A stock market has been adjusted, nonferrous metal board piece hopeful continues to get go up.

National hair changes appoint the data that published on August 29 shows, output of 10 kinds of nonferrous metal grew country compared to the same period July 25. 7% , the month on increasing ratio is accelerated 2. 7 percent. Among them, copper, electroanalysis aluminous output grows 24 respectively. 2% with 35. 1% , than going up the month is accelerated 6. 1 with 7 percent; Output of lead, zinc grows 9 respectively. 4% with 12. 5% , than going up lunar slow down 1. 6 with 11. 6 percent.

Wang Li of director of industry of coloured of Chinese combination gauze is new when with the world China money dispatch communicates, express, cent product looks, cupreous aluminium and in former years are different, off-season market trades the quantity remains the same active, amount of entrance of product, bauxite is larger also related copper. Generally speaking, manufacturing company can be in 7, undertook the overhaul August, and 7 years aluminous output of this phase copper grows considerably, main reason and domestic economy environment are concerned greatly to next good, processional trade demand. Output rose plumbic zinc July range is not big, belong to market whack. Popularly, metallic crop is in consume off-season and moderate growth.

Li Li of researcher of institute of Qi Lu negotiable securities is right this from industry periodic explanation, nonferrous metal industry is divided develop systemic circulation cycle along with macroscopical economy besides, still put every year in small periodic wave motion as seasonal change. But the major transition that encounters economic progress period, if grow strong or winter, this kind of little periodic show is not apparent. At present a paragraph of period, international nonferrous metal is after the adverse element influence such as disturbance of sub debt of experience United States, although the price appears to drop certainly, but to off-season for, in sky of a lot of benefit action falls, performance is relative stronger, domestic metal spot price is price of futures of prep above abroad more.

Hair change appoint 29 days of data in issueing a report show, july, average price is domestic copper merchandise on hand 6. 520 thousand yuan / ton, annulus comparing rises 3. 1% , drop compared to the same period 3. 2% ; Electroanalysis aluminous price is 2. 10 thousand yuan / ton, annulus comparing drops 3. 4% , rise compared to the same period 2. 3% ; Plumbic price is 2. 370 thousand yuan / ton, annulus comparing rises 31. 7% , rise compared to the same period 1. 2 times; Zincic price is 2. 750 thousand yuan / ton, annulus comparing drops 6. 4% , drop compared to the same period 6. 6% . The main reason that plumbic price rises considerably is, domestic lead supplies breach all the time bigger, although smelt crop early days grows apparently, but resource is savoured low, commerce is done hard, the company such as individual plant smelt metal ever was mirrorred, plumbic zinc profit is inferior, import volume is little.
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