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Tool of our country diamond develops the current situation
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Develop the current situation

Diamond tool applies extensively at each domains such as material of geological exploration, stone, mechanical, car and national defence industry, machining uses grind, geological broach and stone material curium the workmanship level that cuts a tool already had very big rise. The product already formed seriation, standardization, breed norms is all ready, product quality is stable, partial product has certain competition ability on the international market.

Great majority of diamond single crystal is to be used make all sorts of diamond tools, its are a lot of more phyletic. The diamond that our country produces curiums cut tool breed norms all ready, quality is stable. According to statistic, in last few years the market demand that diamond drills a tool is 12~15 about 10 thousand, basically can satisfy market demand; Of the development as bldg. and family expenses air conditioning gain ground, use at cop installation and air conditioning installation for complete set of engine and old building to transform, construction also is in with demand of broach of project of diamond thin wall increase increasingly, the demand of the PDC bit that is used at exploration of oil, coalfield also increases accordingly, the diamond that our country place produces is compound piece still close nevertheless on quality, remain to be improved at further research, improve product quality ceaselessly, alter the aspect that at present PDC broach counts an import. In machining, the gyro wheel of oilstone of cutting tool of tool of diamond emery wheel, PCD, honing, nap, model that pull silk get applied extensively: Dosage of emery wheel of colophony bond diamond is very big, produce per year a quantity to be 1 million above about; Diamond gets together the function excel that brilliant presses filar standard is natural diamond model and hard alloy model, the application in because this is in,helping filar industry is very much, especially the occurrence that CVD diamond presses filar standard, to control 15mm the following wire provided the reliable tool that pull silk. PCD cutting tool is the treatment that basically is used at nonferrous metal and metalloid material, according to the report, PCD cutting tool machines the demand year after year in reaching the industry such as current mechanism to increase in car, autocycle, electric home appliances

Put the issue that be in

Although manson provides all sorts of King Kong of our country production to get applied extensively in each industry, obtain remarkable economic benefits, but the difference with fairer than still having look of congener product of its technology level and abroad, main show is in:
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