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Trade of our country machine tool is overseas a few enlightenment that buys
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The state is crossed in the whole world in direct investment, buy already became the mainest investment form. Data shows, go up century 90 time, the average growth rate that foreign capital buys achieves 30.2 % , what exceed the whole world to invest 15.1 % directly external far is average add fast; Go up century the later period in 90 time, foreign capital buys investment to occupy the scale that international invests directly to already amounted to 70 % ; 2006 of the whole world buy amount to go up again new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, reach 3.79 trillion dollar, grow 58 % than 2005.

Be in so tremendous in cross a state and buying the market, what the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry that regards national economy pillar as the industry occupies portion nature not small. However, according to director of reputation of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool bridge example soft introduces, what equipment manufacturing industry of China experiences cross a state and be being bought is overseas business almost buy our country company. Current, industry of our country machine tool leads foregone door going abroad, undertake buying to overseas business, machine tool industry realized pair of overseas businesses more than 10 cases in all buy deed.

The mechanical equipment manufacturing industry of our country develops in recent years good, a lot of enterprises already reached international level, seeking the entrance that enters an international market actively. Of machine tool industry abroad the way that buys place to had gone, what for other machine equipment manufacturing industry will come is abroad the stay away from home that buys provided abecedarian experience and inspiration. For this, the reporter interviewed deepness to intervene on a special trip machine tool trade is overseas the director of Liang Xunxuan reputation that buys.

State-owned company is abroad buy need government supports energetically

Liang Xunxuan points out, the government is abroad to the state-owned company of machine tool industry the support that buys deed is crucial. Decisive and support of program of give an official, capital, decision-making wait for a respect to must reach the designated position in time, such ability come true quite smoothly buy deed.

2005, group of Harbin measure cutting tool succeeds and buy Germany triumphant lion company. Before this, domestic sweep " sold " the state-owend enterprise changes make recombine upsurge, look be like have speed, know exactly how things stand quantity, have achievement in one's post, but often sell the flower of the state-owend enterprise actually. Ha Liangliang's good company base also makes many investor seek the desire that comes to put forward to buy, the bottleneck that with a ha measures right now however depends on a product doing not have competition ability in the international market, best method begins international to cooperate namely, find infiltrate the product the channel of the international market.
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