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Market of steel of bearing of our country of second half of the year is stable t
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"The operator here says, market of latter bearing steel is stabler, sale channel is relatively fixed also, advocate if offer bearing to make manufacturer, have fixed demand every months, do not have too big change commonly, market of steel of its unlike whorl, wire measures bedding face in that way wide, manufacturer home and management enterprise is numerous, concentration is spent low, change of market supply and demand is big, the price fluctuates easily also. And the manufacturing company of bearing steel and trade business are not much, concentration is spent tall, terminal user also is centered relatively, factitious hype element is few, the price is consequently stabler also. "

This year, industry of our country bearing continues steady progress, the largest motive force that becomes market of steel of bearing of the home that prop up to move smoothly. Operator and analysis of the personage inside course of study are forecasted, the growth rate of industry of bearing of second half of the year summary prep above first half of the year, bearing market continues to value, play the requirement that changes bearing steel thereby, bearing steel becomes home to actor or actress a window of market of steel spy steel.

According to a few steel that pursue trade of actor spy steel trade company operator introduces, market of domestic bearing steel is overall this year to good, demand increases somewhat on the level last year, sale rises somewhat, the price is certain in have litre. August the last trade, value of bearing steel market relatively early days rose 50 yuan / ton, go up not big. If be in Shanghai area, the steel of circle of bearing of 25mm of Φ 12mm- Φ that special steel company produces Bao Gang (GCr15) the market quotes 6700 yuan / ton (material of Lian Zhu anneal) ; The anneal material of 130mm of Φ of norms Φ 95mm- quotes 7300 yuan / ton; 50mm of Φ 30mm- Φ is produced in the Xin Yegang of the market that do not have stannum (GCr15) bearing steel (not anneal material) quote is 4850 yuan / ton, material of anneal of hot-working of 50mm of Φ 30mm- Φ quotes 5700 yuan / ton.

Be in northern region, the bearing steel resource of a few markets slants close, trade active, the price is strong. Be like this on the weekend, on Shenyang market east steel of bearing of hot-rolling of 60mm of Φ of 25mm- of Φ of special local product (GCr15) quote 5250 yuan / ton; The hot-rolling talent that nurtures steel to produce 70mm of Φ 30mm- Φ (GCr15) quote 6000 yuan / ton; Of the 75mm of Φ 40mm- Φ that northeast spy steel produces not anneal material (GCr15) quote 5300 yuan / ton, material of anneal of 75mm of Φ 30mm- Φ quotes 6500 yuan / ton, the market of material of anneal of 25mm of Φ 13mm- Φ hangs list price 6450 yuan / ton.

Be in in south area of area, southwest, northwest, bearing steel market also moves smoothly, the price is stable, firm in have litre. August the middle ten days of a month, the Xining on the market such as Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi'an produces steel of Φ 100mm bearing (GCr15) the price of anneal material is compared 100 yuan are moved on early days / ton, quote is in mostly 5950-6000 yuan / ton; The Φ 100mm- Φ 120mm of the chief special local product on Xi'an market removes goods material (GCr15) quote 6150 yuan / ton.
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