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The inevitable choice of hardware industry- - make a brand
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The advantage of the person that brand hardware offset is expended

One. Meet to consumer more save worry

Consumer buys the thing of the brand, developing a brand namely assure to go. Because if do not have two enterprises of the brand, his competition more competition that can be the price, that price can affect cost, cost can affect the quality of the product. And to consumer he is divided not clear the stand or fall of this product. Change because of the product v/arc corvee of hardware too small, come soon authority is similar, so consumer also is not clear about the stand or fall of quality when buy. But if once you made a brand, your thing certainly will will be your brand to improve your product ceaselessly, quality it may not be a bad idea, design it may not be a bad idea, service it may not be a bad idea. Because of this moment comparing is the price not just, the thing of the brand is additional the value is much, the value that consumer of a lot of time may be this strong brand goes.

2. The save worry of the price

The thing because of the brand its price fixed position according to oneself, reach after the investigation such as the market group of the quality of the product and fractionize, this price is unified, so consumer need not worry about for this price I am bought expensive cheap still, bought worth nots worth etc. Because hardware comes loose quite, for instance you buy a floor to may need to spend a half day time only, but buy hardware different, it is small and much, you if each goes buying, go counter-bid, go needing a flower more possibly one day even more time. But after you unite the price, need not worry to be slaughtered, it is OK also to shop dispense with a lot of time.

Was told popularly even if hardware resembles buying the dress to have small commodities market only before, without the edifice, although low-cost, but the assurance that it lacks the assurance of character to also lack a service. But after having general merchandise large building, likely this price will be a bit more expensive, but its additional cost increased, also let a person buy be at ease and save worry, why can this have so much person to know perfectly well the price now namely expensive the truth like still wanting to buy brand clothes. He lets you see quality and service really.

Since realized the gain of the person that brand hardware offset is expended, how should hardware brand road go after all with respect to should further analysis.

The brand of hardware is made, should saying be any brand to make is special not easy, so the process is made in the brand in, with some what kind of before was being made change? After perhaps saying whole brand develops, how to plan the road of the brand?

Two requirements that the brand has:

One. Its product quality

2. The service of manufacturer

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