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China (Yu Cheng) industry of tape city tape measure grows a condition
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One, fundamental general situation

Current, anxiety city county has of all kinds tape to produce a business 238, individual and industrial and commercial door 1800, among them asset the enterprise of 10 million yuan of above 11, 500 ~ enterprise of 10 million yuan of above 13, 100 ~ 5 million yuan of enterprises many 40. Distribute the following kinds of kinds roughly:

1, bibcock enterprise: This kind of company is average scale is larger, financing is relatively abundant, have oneself brand and registered trade mark, market production, assemble, sale at an organic whole;

2, domestic mill type: This kind of enterprise has his brand, advocate if buy feet reed, a unit of length from the market, product of form a complete set of feet box etc undertakes assembly;

3, treatment exit. Entire county has the tape company of right of administration of imports and exports to have 15, the enterprise that has realized self-supporting exit among them 5.

Annual of anxiety city county produces all sorts of tape 2. More than 600 million, occupy the 85 % above of countrywide tape market, occupy congener product to export the 40 % of the quantity. And breed norms is all ready, basically have metric, imperial, 1m to 10m long, 6mm comes 25mm is wide the tape that waits for a variety of norms, model and 10m shake to 50m a type long feet and tape measure, amount to 30 many series, 150 many breed, the product covers the throughout the country, sell as far as to the 20 many countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Korea, Iran, Iraq and southeast Asia and area. The fluctuation related to its swims the industry is like metal strip, paint, plastic, metal fittings to wait to also be in swift and violent development. On July 11, 2006, chinese metric association awards Yu Cheng the county " China (Yu Cheng) tape city " .

2, develop course

Hardship starts base of industry of characteristic of tape of anxiety city county, inchoative at a bit a few farmers of the Zhuang Cun austral hillock countryside. 1982 first, 6 farmers become rich to take off deficient, from the reject caboodle of factory of state-operated tape measure, buy the incomplete a unit of length that discard as useless, after cut leaves, sell all round rustic student and rural builder make rule. Later, their discovery assembles tape cost small, the risk is little, gain is big, and equipment is simple, operate easily, appropriate one gets treatment, fumble finally mastered one a complete set of to assemble a technology. By 1982, 6 villagers rely on to assemble tape door all income 6000 multivariate. Be in subsequently all round the village was lifted quickly assemble tape heat. Assemble amount and dimensions by arrive less much, was on the road of normal evolution. 1992, factory of tape measure of the city in Yu Cheng, anxiety city county the first tape plant is born.

Scroll develops tape to machine manufacturing initial stage, because accept conditional restriction, it is to be made by hand mostly, quality also is put in particular problem, especially measure forbids. But the consumer quality awareness at that time is thin, increase the price cheap, in 80 time end, industry of anxiety city tape got developing more quickly. Enter 90 age, as the buildup of consumer quality awareness and brand consciousness, popular before product is very fast slow-moving. Go up to support tape industry to continue dimensions, on class, on level, 1998, by prefectural government the organization is coordinated, established association of tape of anxiety city county, adopt association regulation, oneself restrain oneself, turn to orderly competition by the competition that do not have foreword. Through publicizing standard of quality of trademark law, product energetically, the help establishs brand consciousness, quality awareness, register in application of brand design, brand, brand wait for a respect to offer specific guidance, entire county dealt with tape registered trade mark 29, and achieve went out " Jiang Hua " , " red autumnal leaves " , " 10 thousand hill are red " wait for a batch of well-known trademarks. From now on tape industry was entered " standard management, stable quality, uniform standard, harmonious price " historical new period.
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