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World metals industry upgrades replacement will show clue from exposition
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Spend likeness year old years old year after year, years old year old years annual meeting differs. Chinese hardware exposition takes the brilliant course that passed 11 years, already became the large stage that reveals world metals name to taste. This year on September 26, exposition of hardware of the 12nd China will attract the eyeball of global hardware elite again. New round China and even world metals industry upgrade replacement will show clue from here again. For this, the reporter interviewed vice director of organizing committee of exposition of hardware of the 12nd China, secretary-general technically, always Yu Fucai of health city deputy mayor.

Reporter: Compare with exposition of in former years, what distinguishing feature will current exposition reflect?

Yu Fucai: Our exposition expands each years in progressively maturity. The hardware exposition this year reflects the following distinguishing feature: It is extroversion is spent will taller. Organizing committee requirement, this year exposition of 50% above exhibit should provide foreign company, want to recommend the hardware manufacturer with famous international energetically especially; 2 it is internationalization level stronger. Arranged 30 technically this year to exhibit use at introducing international famous purchase business, the hardware manufacturer of well-known to international trademark provides booth freely; 3 it is hardware characteristic more apparent. This year we around hardware manufacturing industry, continue to hold industry of Chinese hardware product to design a contest. The 4 places that are a brand are more prominent. Breed through the brand, whole town has had Chinese celebrated brand 22, chinese famous brand 5, the country avoids product of check exempt from examinations 13. Brand effect increasingly protruding shows, reflect go up in exposition, we are provincial to obtaining the enterprise of above brand offers privilege, always " is had " of lawful registered trade mark, " passes the " of attestation of international quality system such as ISO, " outside the condition have a state well-known logo or China avoid check product " , " to have one of requirements such as the " of actor new product that banner level is in in the industry but first consideration. Additional, ginseng signing up exhibits the famous brand product that level of course of study of foreign enterprise of country, condition and international, state holds, still can enjoy respectively 50% and of 20% extend a cost privilege. The 5 protection that are pair of intellectual property take seriously more.

Reporter: Does the hardware exposition that you feel annual give always health the influence that what side economy brings?

Yu Fucai: More than 10 years when Chinese hardware exposition holds, just about always health hardware is bred, development, more than 10 years when expand, be in nowadays always health churchyard already was collecting on 10 thousand hardware to produce a business, always health the biggest hardware produces the throughout the country that already made be worthy of the name base and professional market, manage product of on 10 thousand kinds of hardware and relevant product, always health 90% what hardware industry holds production value of this city industry, 60% what hold total output value, 80% what take finance income. Goods of metallic exit, weighing apparatus, stainless steel, small home appliance, electric car, steam rub match, metallic smelt is pressed delay wait for industry of 8 big pillar the share that holds in countrywide market is little in 60% above, amount to 80% above more. Current, the whole world has 169 countries and area to already had " always health the hardware product of production " .
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