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At present occupation standard puts machine of our country project in 3 big ques
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Recently, association of industry of Chinese project machinery 3 2 times council goes out in working report middle finger, system of standard of existence of standard of machine of our country project is at present insufficient science is complete, the standard is updated not seasonable, adaptability of effectiveness, market and service ability remain to raise question of advanced tripartite face.

Current, the management of occupation standard of machine of our country project, "GB " by the country standard management committee puts in buccal management 's charge; "Travel mark " by hair change appoint management putting in a mouth 's charge. According to not complete count, project machinery entire industry has 155 in used national level now, occupation standard 446, aggregate 601. Involved international standard (ISO) have more than 230.

The report thinks, occupation standard of current project machine is whole standard system is insufficient science, whole, the color of planned economy is richer, be apart from with the tolerance inside the current standard system on international bigger. Involve safety and environmental protection kind the standard is not worth badly. The standard is newer, edit not seasonable, content of a lot of standards is dated, the content report of new technology is very few, the level of for private use that has 75 % above about was 2000 before formulate and should castigatory old standard, the case that standard lag product develops is more severe. Additional, adaptability of standard effectiveness, market and service ability remain to rise.

The expert points out, the standard is mixed in the safety that assures a product the person that use is safe, conduct product development, the development that encourages product of new and high technology or the effect with wash out the respect such as backward product to be being developed main. In the meantime, also be scientific industry government and the basis that build camp of entrance product technology. The standard is having decisive effect to industry development.

In the light of project machine occupation standard puts the issue that be in, trade association puts forward Chinese project machinist, entire industry of hope project machinery values standard job further, especially large mainstay business, regard a standard as working brunt, should provide stable, competent full-time standard working personnel.

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