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The party number that solidarity, act vigorously takes shows branch 5 3 second d
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Number of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool shows device branch 5 3 second director (expand) the conference in October 2006 16-18 day is held in Chengdu, share 40 25 units, delegates to attend the meeting. Number shows an owner to be like,want a company: Number of Guilin extensive land is measured accuse number of plane of Inc. , long spring scenery to show limited company of limited company, Shanghai ordinary mail (institute of former Shanghai machine tool magnetism bar) , Guangzhou letter and grating number show company, Suzhou Xin Haoguang of limited company of instrument of lakeside of company of science and technology of happy letter photoelectricity, Wuhan, Guizhou, university of institute of tool of Chinese metric academy of sciences, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenyang industry university, the school such as institute of photoelectricity of Chengdu of Chinese Academy of Sciences attends the meeting.

Number showed branch secretariat to hold sufficient preparative job for this conference, the conference is main agenda is:

1.Number shows an industry 1-9 menstruation aid ran state and branch job arrangement 2006.

2.Grating standard edits the expert of draft is examined.

3. Discuss and decide number to show device to divide mark appoint of meeting secretariat hang rely on unit and composition.

4. Number of association of industry of tool of research China machine tool shows device branch to hold water 20 years (predecessor namely Chinese number showed technical association and China to number shows guild to incorporate and be become 1995) commemorative activity.

5. Industry company grows circumstance communication.

On the meeting, the development case that delegate of department of trade of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool introduced industry of tool of Chinese machine tool and " numerical control machine tool develops special program " point; Number showed branch secretary-general Li Zhenxiong to be made on behalf of the director " number shows branch brief summary of job of before 2006 3 quarters " , " show standardization to divide technical committee to establish the job to report about number " and " number shows branch 20 anniversary are prepared reach concerned autograph book to write a circumstance to report " etc, work end of the year to branch made arrangement.

Chinese metric academy of sciences edits with respect to grating standard about the expert the circumstance made a specification, join meeting expert course to discuss seriously, put forward to modify an opinion, passed grating draft standard for approval consistently. The conference decides number shows device to divide mark appoint meeting secretariat is hanged rely on be in company of Guilin extensive land, establish number to show minute of sign as soon as possible appoint can report committee of technology of the countrywide measure, standardization that measure appearance to turn show GB appoint examine and approve. Delegate attending the meeting made splendid speech with respect to the development state of affairs of respective enterprise, visited Chengdu Keaoda (group) company, left deep impression to the development of the company. The conference admits amount to of limited company of company of instrument of nicety of Shenzhen wisdom peaceful and science and technology of Shenzhen southeast abundant to show branch recruit.
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