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Wine inn-keeper provides professional committee to predict to hold water first h
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Furniture of reporter Cong Shunde learns on cocktail party of association spring tea, association of suitable heart furniture is beginning to prepare at present establish committee of hotel furniture major, participate in what get furniture of many 200 hotel, banquet furniture, recreation furniture produces a business arranging heart and circumjacent area eagerly, prepare to construct the job is advanced smoothly, anticipate declare holds water and can throw first half of the year this year run.
"As the abidance of world economy high speed develops, global tourism is promoted flourishingly flourishing, each district is built in succession had hotel of class of a batch of large heavenly bodies, hotel, go vacationing the travel establishment such as the village, make the demand of hotel furniture grows day and day thereby, hotel furniture produces manufacturing industry accumulate contain tremendous business chance! " chairman represents the Chen Weiheng of association of suitable heart furniture, furniture association already held water early or late " sponge major committee " and " the home spins committee of cloth art major " , still will prepare to construct in succession henceforth the many professional committee such as furniture of furniture hardware, sofa, office, provide closer and considerate service for each relevant member company, promote furniture to produce each better child the healthy and rapid development of the industry, promotion arranges the integral competition ability of heart furniture.
Chen Weiheng introduces, the site of an association of the committee of major of furniture of public house of association of suitable heart furniture that is about to establish is set in furniture of suitable couplet hotel to purchase a center inside, commerce will be begun to promote in succession after holding water, the activity such as standard of promotion of product conduct propaganda, industry.

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