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Byelaw of standard of furniture of Liaoning real wood will come on stage
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By Liaoning province furniture association sponsors " seminar of strategy of development of furniture of Chinese real wood " held in Shenyang a few days ago. Joined meeting expert and entrepreneur research to discuss " standard of real wood furniture (draft) " , " byelaw of standard of furniture of Liaoning province real wood " , involve from the process such as production, sale, carry out hind " concept of real wood furniture " , " classification of real wood furniture and grade " , the only system of real wood furniture causes problem of classify relative standard to undertake discussion. " standard of real wood furniture " will go up in the foundation that refines further, push in Liaoning as local occupation standard.

Liaoning saves Zu Shuwu of furniture association chairman to express, the delibrate of standard of furniture of Liaoning real wood and formulate, it is the demand that the property that the market develops expands, imperative. Hope the development of this one standard comes on stage, can the blank of standard of furniture of fill home real wood, normative industry, make produce an enterprise to accomplish mark can be depended on, guide Liaoning fact further wooden furniture company is strong roll out " furniture of Liaoning real wood " brand, be on the innovation of science and technology, road that conforms with international standard. Also can provide industry basis to handle trade issue at the same time.

Come from the expert scholar of academy of fine arts of Shenyang university, Lu Xun, and the Dalian China abundant of distant Shenyang, Heilongjiang double leaf, Shenyang benefit of an ancient name for China of case of grand hair, Shenyang name, Dalian, Shenyang good, Shenyang east industry of Xin Yulu timber, Shenyang tastes all places of Yu Long of trade, Shenyang, Shenyang, Shenyang, 30 more than person participates in the concerned branch such as courtyard of product quality supervision and inspection of Shenyang city furniture this conference.

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