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The development characteristic of technology of foreign hard alloy
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Technology of production of foreign hard alloy develops nearly 10 years faster, its are main the characteristic is:
One, be perfected further and popularize new technology, new facility. For example dry, ball grinds sparge agitate, heat static press and new-style figuration technology and large vacuum sintering furnace. Developed tungsten cobalt at the same time compound oxide makes carbon extraction tungsten directly one cobaltic compound, fluid-bed makes carbon of tungsten of small step of a unit of weight of one cobaltic chemical compound, chemical birth heat of hot pressing of bead, vacuum, agglomeration static pressure, low-pressure heat static pressure and follow-up processing, additional explicit hard alloy produces a domain to use a computer generally.

2, develop new product ceaselessly. If exceed nitrogen of fine alloy, carbon to change titanium fund to belong to alloy of pottery and porcelain, low tungsten,little Tantalum alloy, new-style steel combines gold, 2 boron to change titanium fund to belong to alloy of pottery and porcelain to wait, satisfied the need that industry admits not only, and had main effect to the certain and special need of new technology domain.
3, development of film hard alloy is rapid. Not only crop increases substantially, and already used Yu Xi, cut wait for serious treatment working procedure. At present the crop of cutting tool of film hard alloy already occupied the half above of total output of cutting cutting tool, razor blade of hard alloy of film of a few advanced manufacturer already was occupied but the 85 % above of dislocation razor blade. At the same time film technology also has greater progress, can make not only take multilayer (can amount to 13 at most) film alloy, and make successfully took diamond, cubic nitrogen to change boron to wait exceed good film. Respect of matrix of other explicit film, develop all sorts of treatment not only special film matrix, and development goes the film matrix that takes rich cobaltic layer, improved the intensity of film hard alloy and other performance apparently thereby.
4, hard alloy product is changing direction to develop to miniaturization, nicety. Foreign manufacturer raises its product precision ceaselessly, precision of a lot of dimension of hard alloy mould already reached micron level, achieve even exceed micron level. This mark is worn hard alloy industry already entered product nicety to change level.

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