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IonBond will start kind of diamond coating in China (DLC) production
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Deposit of metallic gas phase (exceed hard coating) the supplier Switzerland of plan loves Enbangde (IonBond) will this year the end of the year starts kind of diamond coating in China (DLC) production, in order to satisfy demand of market of more high end. Introduce according to Yan Guohua of manager of department of this company market, this will be domestic head home producible the base of kind of diamond coating. According to Introduction Yan Guohua, ionBond China headquarters is set in without stannum, at present besides solely invested shop is set in elder brother hill and Suzhou, be in charge of physics enraging deposit coating respectively (PVD) with deposit coating of chemical gas phase (CVD) outside, still prepare to construct in Guangzhou factory, predict the put into production end December, basically face domain of component of industry of exact pattern, aviation. He expresses, the client of sex of very multilateral border of IonBond already came to China, this company plans a Chinese headquarters extend to become a large omnibus service base again.

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