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Companies of 500 Jiang Zaihua foreign capital appear a certain number of new cha
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The newspaper office is opposite south on the weekend in China investigation of two years discovers last a period of time of 500 strong investment company: Since 2005, in China foreign capital has been shown with solely invested give priority to, cross a state and buy violent, manufacturing industry to invest scale to drop, violent wind of financial industry capital is born to wait for a certain number of newest characteristics strongly.
The newspaper office makes south two years continuously on the weekend " pop chart of 500 company of Jiang Zaihua investment " , to be in China 500 strong companies of world are in China responsibility of society of contribution of investment, management state, place, enterprise and in China brand image undertakes be assessmented integratedly, make finally " pop chart of 500 company of Jiang Zaihua investment " , release every year, this year is the 2nd release.
Momentum of financial insurance foreign capital is powerful
Newspaper office investigation discovers south on the weekend: 2005, chinese new annotate on establishs China and foreign countries company of joint-stock bank, insurance company, fund management in all 18, specified number of the capital outside be being used actually reachs twelve billion three hundred and one million dollar, grew 4772.07% than last year. With compare each years before, this was 2005 China uses a variation with the most outstanding foreign capital, its reason is state-owned commercial bank is in new round of reform recombines in, introduced 2005 in succession outside the condition strategic investor, the inspect that occupy silver is met statistic, up to the end of the year had orgnaization of the finance outside 18 family circumstances to become a shareholder 2005 16 in endowment bank.
Foreign capital " solo flight " already became the mainstream, cross a state and buy grow in intensity
The investigation on the weekend still discovers south: 2005, solely invested enterprise takes the foreign trader amount of foreign capital of gross of countrywide annual project, contract and the proportion that use foreign capital amount actually are achieved respectively 73.40% , 77.17% , 59.33% , foreign capital " solo flight " tide has been formed. Besides automobile industry country specific provision foreign capital accuses cannot exceed 50% besides, the transnational corporation of the industry such as product of electron of other such as, computer, daily expense, basic it is to accuse completely or control 90% right-and-left share.
Because line of business of nervous with each passing day, service enlarges domestic industrial land,the cause that creates this kind of situation is open and a few manufacturing industry appear produce can superfluous trend, enterprise benefit glides, perfect further plus what home buys an environment, make a foreign trader invest an enterprise more the means that favors with be being bought is not to build enters Chinese market. This kind of circumstance caused Chinese nationalism thoughts on certain level.
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