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Canadian government urges the policy measure of innovation
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Come nearly 10 years, canada takes the construction that boosts capacity of innovation of native whole science and technology seriously very federally, took a series of policy and step.
1996, canada rolled out the first federal science and technology to develop the strategy federally -- " the science and technology that faces new century " , published further 2002 " Canadian innovation strategy " , the series task target that made clear Canada to build innovation economy and society further and policy measure. Among them, encourage and although innovation of protective industry technology and development of own intellectual property rate an aspect without sheet, perforative however between numerous policy measure.
Canadian government support and the policy measure that urge an enterprise to begin research and development have emphasize Canadian and the characteristic that are in Canada: It is the support that stresses pair of Canadian pilot enterprises; 2 it is to stress pair of support that develop activity of research and development in Canadian home.
Canada is encouraged federally and innovation of technology of protective homeland industry and the policy measure that own intellectual property develops basically include 3 fields, it is to pass pair of enterprises to invest research and development to execute taxation derate, if pass Canadian revenue " scientific research and experiment development plan " taxation drive plans to stimulate an enterprise to invest innovation of research and development; 2 it is the activity of innovation of research and development of science and technology that plans to subsidize an industry through special science and technology, be like " technical associate plans " and " the industry considers to fund a plan " ; 3 it is to pass national venture capital investment to support an enterprise to drive innovation achievement to commercialize, if carry Canadian business,development bank supports industry financing.
To the enterprise investment research and development gives taxation derate
Scientific research and experimental development plan to be managed by Canadian state revenue, it is Canada drive of taxation of research and development of a when encourage an enterprise to begin research of new technology, new product and development federally national company plans, it is the biggest individual plan that Canada is encouraged federally and supports an enterprise to begin research and development.
Canada sets federally, by Canadian pilot civilian battalion company begins scientific research and experimental development in Canadian home, reasonable defray 2 million increase yuan of less than share, the investment tax that can get 35 % supports the favourable policy of duty; The 2 million favourable policy that imposes yuan of above to be able to enjoy 20 % to support tax. Government this one favourable policy is the main fund source that small company pursues considering scientificly to develop with the experiment.
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