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Tiemuken will establish aviation nicety product produce a center in Chengdu
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The company announced Tiemuken recently, product of aviation industry nicety will be opened to produce a center in Chengdu. This company expects to pass this significant investment, serve to reach market of global aviation industry at China better.
This will be the base of the 6th production that this company is in China, according to introducing, 200 employee will employ at the beginning of should producing central operation, what main production uses 12 inches at the diameter of aviation industry is globose with cylinder form roller bearing, predict first product will go heat later on 2007. The business such as service of support of the sale that after this still will pursue facing aviation bearing and other nicety product stage by stage, technology, user.
The respect expresses Tiemuken, hi-tech of Chengdu of optional location of this production center develops garden area, its are established accord with Chinese government to develop the policy western not only, return focusing to develop industry at Chinese key. And choice Chengdu also is to consider industry of this area aviation relatively develop, have good industrial foundation and well-trained technical talented person.
In recent years Tiemuken invests ceaselessly in order to expand the product breed of its aviation component, its product uses the original equipment supplier at aviation industry and after service market extensively. Current, this company is set in Shanghai in Chinese headquarters, 7 sales company is distributed in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang, without stannum, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Taipei. Already had base of 5 large-scale production, among them 3 are in without stannum, additionally two are built in Yantai and Suzhou respectively.

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