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German sound: The enthusiasm of Chinese worker lets German shock
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According to " German sound " report: Worker of many 400 China bleachs ocean to cross the sea to come to Germany Duotemengde, their working enthusiasm lets German shock: They work 12 hours everyday, a week works 7 days, earn 400 euro every months, dry however Germany worker gives the job that 4000 euro also do not wish to work; German the job that thinks ability is finished 3 years, chinese worker was finished one year partly... the Bo Yizhong in this west civilization and Oriental civilization, after all who is a loser, who is conqueror? The newsreel of German director Frank and Lv " loser and conqueror " revealed this true one act.
1992, factory of a cooking invests rash Er area 650 million euro was bought at that time the most advanced cooking equipment on the world. By 2000, because the market is not worth to coke demand and this factory is shut.
At the beginning of 2003, group of Chinese Yan mine completed pair of cooking plants with buying technical way buy, what the Chinese buys is a technology only, as to cost price the equipment of 650 million euro is in selling in order to sell the price of reject square: Every tons of 15 euro. Chinese machinist job builds many 400 worker of head office to dismantle equipment solution, china of mount steamer carry back. " loser and conqueror " the story that relates these Chinese workers to happen in Germany namely.
Film showed panoramic picture at the beginning: Topping derrick, coking plant furnace, german worker completed the work of the last day, begin to go silently; Chinese worker came, doing pre-construction work, such as is being brushed on the wall " 2 Jiao Lu " , "Danger having report " Chinese characters, the name that they introduce him company haughtily " in chance construction " , "Sooner or later ' in chance construction ' this name can appear in the world each corners. "Sooner or later ' in chance construction ' this name can appear in the world each corners..
Whole film is between the Chinese worker of the German worker of lose and high-spirited and vigorous crisscross switch, all these before German worker is facing a key point appears very helpless. Under photograph comparing, the Chinese worker that comes from distant east drew the look that Germany directs morely, their every word and deed, every act, let German director feel a shock: 8 their people sleep a room, eating " mess " , weekly job exceeds 60 hours, will can save the Qian Liu below to give the home everyday in, hope child accepts better education; The worker calls to the wife besides a thousand li and child, hope to be able to hear the child to cry only " father " ; The wage that every month earns these workers can convert becomes 400 euro, dry is German worker however the job that 4000 euro also do not wish to do; Every 4 weeks, chinese worker is about to single out 7 the most assiduous workers to regard as " optimal this month worker " , wear bright red flower to take a picture glazing flourish a list of names posted up, but have this kind of money reward only forever...
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