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The product situation of Japanese tool industry reachs market demand
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2005, japanese machine tool is four hundred and fifty-three billion three hundred and fifty-five million yen with cutting tool outturn, than going up year of growth 15.7% .

Among them, exceed hard alloy cutting tool to be two hundred and fifty-three billion two hundred and seventeen million yen, than going up year of growth 19.1% ; Special steel cutting tool is one hundred and two billion four hundred and seventy-eight million yen, than going up year of growth 15.5% ; Diamond cutting tool is seventy-four billion eight hundred and ninety-two million yen, than going up year of growth 6.8% . From the point of data, outside eliminating diamond cutting tool, other it is grow with two digit. Exit situation situation is favorable 2005, for example, exceed strong cutting tool to export 68.3 billion, than going up year of growth 17.8% , be as high as 23.3% to the exit increase rate of the southeast Asia market that gives priority to with China especially.

2006, the machine tool falls in the condition with strong demand with cutting tool, manufacturing situation will maintain higher level. Each manufacturer is opposite to rise further service quality of the client, enlarge demand, developing new product hard.

As the machine tool tall tigidity, high speed, high accuracy is changed, much axis is muti_function change and the development that gets used to environmental protection requirement, each manufacturer begins development to get used to high speed milling, muti_function change, the diameter is tiny change, all sorts of cutting tool that get used to dry type cutting.

CBN cutting tool is being mixed to pursuit high speed, efficient, high accuracy the directional development new product of macrobian life and new material; The development of diamond cutting tool, appeared the cutting tool of bit swap formula and small-sized small amount cutting tool and establish milling cutter. Getting used to respect of high speed milling, to satisfy tall wearability, heat-resisting and obdurability to be able to ask, in exceed small particle mother bring to bear on on material compound and multilayer velar coating improve cutting performance super- establish milling cutter forcedly to wait for a product ceaseless grow in quantity.

The progress of figuration technology makes can free the cutting tool that makes all sorts of appearance, also produced 4 blade to establish the product such as milling cutter from this.

Positive-appearing image is compound like machining a machine tool to be able to finish a few working procedure to machine at the same time with a machine, what have a variety of treatment such as groove, flank, aperture with a knife is muti_function cutting tool also is in development, use such cutting tool, can improve efficiency not only, more important is OK implementation reduces cutting tool to change knife and do not have link of cutting tool preliminary adjustments and make precision is able to rise.

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