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10 strong Japan hold production value of production company of world machine too
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According to news of Dalian channel network, the United States " metallic treatment industry reports " list of before releasing world machine tool to create company production value 107 ranks, among them advanced 10 the Communist Party of China have 6 companies of Japanese, include hill Qi Ma Zha to overcome (the first) , nature field (the 4th) , river bend greatly (the 5th) , dark essence machine (the 6th) , JTEKT (the 9th) with Mu Ye (the 10th) .

Germany shares before 2 enterprises are entered 10, it is respectively fast (the 2nd) with Demaji (the 3rd) . The United States takes an examination of Kesikaoer the platoon is in the 7th. Platoon of Dalian machine tool is in the 8th, companies of before making group of first ascend one's life experience 8 strong Chinese machine tool.

Rank year of sales revenue of before 7 enterprise to all exceed 1 billion dollar. Year of sales revenue of Dalian machine tool for 935 million dollar.

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