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Germany is made get ready market of metals of the China that send force
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The masses, run quickly, Xi Menzi is people familiar to the ear can the Germany of detailed is famous brand, these brands won our country with masterly craft, advanced technology even the market of world each country is main portion. German hardware brand comes nearly two years also with " Germany is made " integral brand form enters Chinese market, be about to be in China tool industry divides a cup of a thick soup again in market of medium, high end.
Hardware of 2006 China International is exhibited is major of the 2nd big hardware exhibits the whole world, the abroad hardware manufacturer that develops Chinese market for the hope made an ideal platform. At present China has made the world's biggest export market, and still be in expand ceaselessly. 2005, germany grew about 24% to the exit of chinese mainland, german product is China to the market is agreed with and be bought further. The frequent promotion of the Chinese market that increases ceaselessly at the same time and Chinese economy, make German hardware industry must value Chinese market, for this, industry of German hardware tool from 2005 the organization of ministry of technology of German federal economy falls successive two years with federally the identity attended China International hardware to exhibit.
For this, the reporter was interviewed award German hardware the product " Germany is made " mark of this one country of origin, the chairman of German tool Manufacturers Association that offers strong market proof for the partner of German hardware product and abroad client Mr Langgelvdeke.
Mr Langgelvdeke tells a reporter, china's huge market and the economy that expand ceaselessly are the motivation of market of China of German product open up. Especially in recent years, chinese economy grows quickly, appeared to one part can be bought and consume the client of German tool. German tool Manufacturers Association basically involves a hand to move tool, diamond and CBN (cubic nitrogen changes boron) tool of the mechanical operation tool of ironwork of sharpener, treatment, the cut machine that applies to disparate industry, building and equipment, he represents the member increase of German mainland and export market, at present member company has more than 140, annual turnover amounts to 3 billion euro, among them 60% come from export market.
German tool Manufacturers Association faces the special demand of German hardware industry and overseas market directly, in the meantime, only the member of German tool Manufacturers Association just has authority to use " German tool Manufacturers Association -- Germany is made " this mark.
Regard German tool as Manufacturers Association, they enter Chinese market to provide all-around service for member company hard. Have however too much the appearance that comes from the product beyond Germany and the product with native land Germany " long " too similar, function also differs not quite, but quality is not quite good, and the label that still stuck German brand, affected the figure of German mainland enterprise and interest badly. Accordingly, each product that German tool Manufacturers Association produces in member company mark has country of origin to indicate -- " Germany is made " . And this mark got the big thrust of German tool Manufacturers Association esteem, this indicates what had made German tool association is indicative now.
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